Hanger floor

1. Stairway to heaven. This representation of a main staircase structure, which connects every floor to one another, which also works as a main entry and exit point for the building users and visitors. Thus, incorporating collaboration and different people from different backgrounds meeting one another. Common areas like the canteen, reception, large stairways, balconies and so on become crucial for collisions with people outside their teams.

2. Empty Area for Events. Placed in front of the wood bench, it provides enough room for circulation, gatherings or events like hackathons while also being a stage for presentations.

3. Common workspace. A large open workspace area, which boundaries are outlined by a group of pre-determined corner telescopic columns connected with beams. This area could modeled to suit the different sized team projects. Allowing the users to develop their own space to further improve their productivity. Creativity requires autonomy and innovation requires productivity. While providing a flexible building design to incorporate each project team’s requirements to navigate the constant evolution of new styles and technologies. This type of creative workspace environment can in return retain valuable skills and attract new talent from visitors. The spaces can be d

4. Pods & crane. For extra storage or closed off meeting booths needed inside of the common workspace, could be provided with movable Pods with the buildings in built crane.

5. Corner storage. Is mainly used for movable elements, chairs and tables. The storage STRUCTURE could hold together the elements with other types of needed equipment. The elements can provide the possibility for teams to build their own individual workstations inside of common workspace area.

6. Closed workstation spaces. These workstations could provide the users the possibility to make, break, test, design and combine, while using both advanced and traditional tools, techniques and materials. These workstations can include wood, metal, CNC, laser cutting, 3D and lab equipment and machinery to fit a wide category of needs.

7. Closed rooms & open group area. The open corner area provides for the “high engagement” teams the chance to develop their strong social ties and efficient communication within the team. “Higher engagement” is typically accomplished not with only open social space but with tight, walled-off workstations and adjacent spaces for small groups to interact.

8. Wood Retractable bench. Provides the hanger workspace users a more private way to move between floors. The retractable staircase can be used multi-purposively for moving between floors or it can be used as bench area for bigger group ideation and project management situations.