Multiple project example

Project P1: Software integration

Purple company is integrating software that is made by blue company. Designers from the both company are present to change required specifications. Doctoral student from grey university together with a researcher is studying wether AI algorithm could add new features to the software that would help both companies in the future.

Project P2: New interior ECO panels

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Project P3: New AI based software

Doctoral student from green university has found new way to utilize AI. Star-up algorithm developer has proposed the doctoral student to corporate and an investor of star-up company is interested to invest more if new AI based software is promising

Project P4: New interior ECO panels

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Project P5: New AI based software

Blue company is planning to make engineering change to their product and R&D manager is responsible from the change. Subcontractors (manufacturers) are in the meeting for giving the comments regarding the manufacturing. Design manager from the purple company is giving their comment in desired change.

Event E1: New interior ECO panels

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