The goal of co-creation is to create something new and valuable to co-creators, which is innovation. Innovation hardly can happen without collaboration among people and an environment to connect and make sense of new findings. Therefore, it is essential to build a system which enables a supportive process for co-creation to take root and develop until the project brings back the value for the participants. As such, services focusing on improving the effectiveness and efficiency of innovation foster process are the key to ensure the flow between different entities and phases.

Rental working space

Co-creation space offers rental working space including long-term rental for teams as office use and short-term rental for functional space including meeting rooms, prototype space and venue for events. Along with offering the space, the Co-creation space offers formats for the rental options: design sprint, ideation workshop, prototyping workshop, user -testing workshop and team building activities.

Co-creation skills training

Following the Cultural Principles, Co-creation space provides training courses for teams and individuals on co-creation related methodology. The courses cover design of working culture, leadership, collaboration methods and design thinking. These include access to tools, design methods and customized mentoring for the participants’s organization or team.

Co-creation project network

Co-creation network connects different entities in one platform and actively creates collaboration opportunities among different stakeholders from organic interactions to networking events. The participants of the network are organizations and individuals who are interested in building partnerships to create something valuable. In addition, the network provides a platform to find and form diverse teams for collaboration projects.

Problem Based Project

The constant change of technology and the increasingly complex problems in this era require collaboration among different entities especially the participation of experienced veterans and fresh new comers of the field to innovate. Often you are given a problem and possibly some limitations to the solution. To get new fresh ideas and avoid the organization echo chamber, the Co-creation space offers a service allowing companies to find a team to solve the problem. The team is to consist of external entities which could be students from universities or researchers from institutions. In other words, assemble a team of superheroes to tackle the problem and see the outcome. Works great for getting a fresh perspective for all the different stages of product development.

Event organizer

Co-creation space offers event organizing and hosting including venue, catering and marketing. If your company or team wants to organize an event to announce a new launch, a call for investment, a collaboration or a workshop to test a new idea with a target user group, Co-creation space is a great host thanks to the convenient location with many industry related companies around and the available network of varying stakeholders as well as experts. As such, you can easily invite people of interest such as target customers of your product.

Innovation Foster Process

Opportunity Sensing

Have a big picture view and update constantly. Identify promising phenomenons by actively searching for new information and knowledge around the world from different sources includes formal channels to informal channels even in your daily conversations with colleagues or strangers. Having access to various sources of information from diverse backgrounds provides a broader view and more objective analysis on future development direction.

Industry – Customer Fit

Always keep your customer close. Involving your target customers and potential partnerships from the initial development of a project significantly reduces the risk of failure, at the same time, increasing the speed of improvement during testing phase. Pitch the new ideas to target customers and key partners to test if the ideas bring value to them. Choose the most promising themes or topics based on how easy it is to execute in the current context of an organization.

Customer Problem Fit

Find the right problem, and you have found 90% of the solution. From the list of potential themes, identify real problems by analyzing target users paint points. Invite partners to co-create the project and interact with the users during problem identifying process, then test if the found problems really fit the target users.

Problem and Solution Fit

Build a team diverse in expertise and cultural background. When problems are identified, its time to find and prototype solution directions. It is important to go divergent then convergent ways to solve the problem; the more diverse is the team, the more directions are taken into consideration until the most completed direction. Always come back to the problems to test with target users and redefine if necessary. This phase is repeated until the solution solves target user’s problem in a win-win situation manner.

Market Fit

Customer context/market also needs to be tested and analysed. Keep experimenting the solutions with a larger number of target customers and evaluate on how the new solution fits in the market. This requires understanding of the target industry, which includes estimation on market gain, competitor analysis and business model design.

Scale and growth

Growth strategy, partnerships and investments are key elements to scale up the complete solution in the market. There are many developments of new technology but the implementation of those in real life is not maximized. Therefore, the goal is to develop a new technology or a new concept/model to the stage where it is feasible from a technical, design and business perspectives.

If you look at history, innovation doesn’t come just from giving people incentives; it comes from creating environments where their ideas can connect.

Steven Johnson