Why is space so important for co-creative work? That is because the space itself allows people to meet up and to create something new together with the equipment and tools provided to them with the space. Co-creation demands a higher level of thinking than the usual normal day job lifestyle and therefore requires special conditions to be met. To get started, you have the physical space, which in best case scenario, is away from everything that supports normality. The physical space can develop the emotional level of each individual, which in turn can enable them to drop their guard towards new subject and in turn supports “playing” together as equals. In these scenarios, people tend to feel secure and safe. Through which everyone can discover the cognitive space where diverse experience and perspectives can interact with one another.


> Here is presented an example of a conceptual inner building design which supports co-creation

Floor Plans & 3D Illustrations

Main / 1st Floor

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Hanger / Ground Floor

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Canteen / 2nd Floor

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Top / 3th Floor

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To do co-creation work and run co-creation workshops, you don’t necessarily need a new fancy space, like the one which was earlier presented. You can start with the following things, which will enable co-creation inside of any already given space.

A room, that has the following necessities:

A large surface to draw on

Something to draw on the surface with


A way to write on post-its

Refreshments, food

Enough space for every participant

Facilitator or someone with experience in co-creation

Way to communicate with outside world if necessary


Due to the changing situations in the world, it might be necessary to find digital substitutes for the analog necessities. Things like these might work:

A large surface to draw on (Miro)

Way to vocally communicate with each other (Zoom)

Planned scheduled refreshment breaks

Facilitator or someone with experience in co-creation

Most importantly, you need the human connection.

“Because things grow. Wherever there is air and light and space, things grow.”

Helen Oyeyemi