“The grid”

Introduction of capability

The idea is to install hydraulic telescopic cylinders between the ground’s floor and the basement ceiling. These cylinders would form a retractable structure with the capabilities to be arranged in a variety of ways, and if needed, hidden in the basement ceiling plate. This would also use a portion of the basement to accommodate all the hydraulics systems.

This solution aims to create an ad-hoc environment by developing in parallel with the structure, modular components to couple with the beams and floor notches. These components can vary from simple walls, to smart glass, to doors and even walls with magnetic induction pads to allow the users to displace items in whichever way suits them best.

Telescopic Hydraulic cylinders

A telescopic hydraulic cylinder is a device that can-do elevation of loads using hydraulic pressure, but it defers from normal hydraulic cylinders because it has multiple stages (diameter variations) that form this telescopic shape, hence the name. This allows this cylinder to extend a lot further than conventional hydraulic cylinders while maintaining a compact design.

“The Grid”

This grid would be composed of multiple cylinders arranged in a geometric shape. On top of the cylinders, there would be beams to support modular components created to simulate, for example, walls.

Maintaining the 5-meter-long beams, would give a total of 29 cylinders and 6 sections with 100 m2 each. Though further study is required to determinate the ideal “Beam length”, the optimal section area or even the geometrical arrangement of the grid to certain the ideas most benefit to fit the needs of the end user.