Top floors

The 3th & 4th Floors turn into a single one with a 6meters high-ceiling within the concept of the Indoors City & Activity Based Work (ABW). Furthermore additional indoors balconies extend the amplitude of the original L-shape floor plan to provide with the work-to-social spaces panoply needed for a co-creation hub. Users can be constantly on the move (promoting serendipity) in-between: rentable private offices, co-work space, booked/formal and informal meeting rooms, open brainstorm areas, communal and leisure areas plus an auditorium for 50+. Access is made through the Stairway to Heaven or Lifts and Emergency staircase.

Lower Level

1. Co-working area: capacity for 24 users => hot-desking individual sections plus shared tables that can be assembled together for bigger teamwork for example + lockers and cabinets in the far ends where users can store their personal goods and access stationery material.

1.2 Print area: common area for any user that might need the printing service.

2.1 Booked meeting rooms: there are the singular circular rooms which have the capacity for 2-6 users and for each room there may be different layout setups and configurations + the rectangular rooms which are 4 (each accommodates 2-4 users) in total per block and can be easily opened through a glazed rail mechanism that opens the rooms into each other providing with wider spaces if the meeting has more than 4 users. In Total these booked meeting rooms have the capacity +/-for 24-72 users.ny user that might need the printing service.

2.2 Open informal rooms: totally available for any informal meeting and enclosed if needed through rotative acoustic panels.

2.3 Open brainstorm areas: any user can access such areas where stand-up work is done with the aid of whiteboards or digital touch screens.

2.4 One-on-one booths: face-to-face meet-ups between the users.

2.5 Call booths: for 1-2 users.

2.6 Stand-up individual work benches: 10 spots provide platform for quick individual work.

3. Auditorium/Amphitheatre/Training room/ Social Area: 50+ capacity + the back wall of the stage opens into the arena in order to transfer prototypes or mock-ups of projects presented in the auditorium. Furthermore, users can access the bar through 2 corridors located in-between the semicircular bench. The REGI (sound control room) is on top of the bar counter and can be accessed by the auditorium bench. 

4. Arena: Perimeter is covered by fence and within the area, users can play basketball or have yoga classes for example. Furthermore, it’s the area where prototypes or mock-ups land through their deployment with the aid of the over-head crane directly from the hangar.

5.1. Kitchen + Café communal area: this communal area sits in the lower level of the “Mushroom” which is a stand-alone structure for leisure activities. 

5.2. Bar: accessed through the auditorium or indoors balcony, this area has a terraza and its purpose is for social events that promote networking.

6. Eating and seating areas

Upper Level

7.1. Rentable private offices NR1 : access through a metalic platform on top of the CO-WORK AREA, the customizable 10 private offices sit on top of the circular meeting rooms and have capacity for 1-2 users. However can be combined into 2 or more offices by sliding partitions. 

7.2. Rentable private offices NR2: access through 2 staircases located next to the STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN, there are 8 private offices (the ones located in the far-ends can turn into a single bigger one) with the capacity for 2-4 (singles offices) and 7-8 users (the combined option).

8. The mushroom: social common area where the Hub users can meet up, play ping pong or fuseball and chill in a laid-back lounge zone while having views of the whole HUB. Connects directly to the rest of the bigger L-shape section wing.